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  • Welcome to Suzhou Heyer Precision Mechanism Ltd official website!
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    Suzhou Heyer Precision Mechanism LTD is a professional manufacturer of various precision mechanical parts, set product design and manufacturing company.
    Founded in August 2004, it is located at No. 255 Hua Jin Road, Tongan town, Suzhou hi tech Zone. The factory area is 2500 square meters, the staff is 70, and the turnover in 2017 is nearly 30 million yuan....

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    Mechanical properties of die - conventional mechanical properties...

    The properties of the die material are determined by the composition of the mold material and the microstructu…...

    The reform of the resource tax has been carried out in an all-round way today...

    July 1st hearing today, China will comprehensively promote resource tax reform, the full implementation of ad …...

    Present situation of casting of aluminum alloy and magnesium alloy...

    The proportion of non-ferrous alloy casting output and total casting output in mainland China in 2002~2016 yea…...

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